About Our School

Horace Mann Elementary School is home to over 550 outstanding students ranging in grades 4K to 5th. Our school is a part of the state SAGE program which guarantees class size of eighteen students in grades 4K through 3rd. This program gives our students a strong foundation fortheir Intermediate Grade education. Horace Mann students are committed to being the best they can be. Students begin each day reciting our Horace Mann Pledge to remind themselves of our high expectations. Positive opportunities are available for students making excellent decisions each day. Each Wednesday, we celebrate our school life with an"All School Meeting" honoring individuals and classes who have made positive contributions to our school during the week.

We have created a"Partnership in Learning" with our students, their families and the community. We feel that our children will be the most successful when families and staff work together and are committed to keeping communication open. Our staff members work diligently creating academic goals for students, creating instructional strategies to ensure all students meet the goals and assessing the progress made. As a Title I School,we are able to offer additional services to students in the area of literacy at grades K5 through 2nd. Our transition teacher works with classroom teachers in grades 3rd through 5th to offer additional support in Reading and Math. In addition, our PASS Program provides tutoring help to students after school.

The Horace Mann School Community is proud of its accomplishments. We look forward to continued academic growth for our students. As we continue to educate the whole child and prepare for the 21st Century Global Economy, the staff at Mann is constantly developing new programs to meet the needs of our students. Recent programs have been our Next Generation/Multi-Age Classroom, Saturday Learning Adventures, our "Community Closet" resource, and our school-wide PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports) expectations.