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Team Create!

Second and Third Grade NxGL students

Tower Building-

Team Building Activity

See which team can build the tallest tower using only toothpicks and marshmallows.

The Judging: 

The tower must stand for 10 seconds without the help of any teammate.

The Winner: 

The tallest tower was 18 inches tall.
Tower Building

Nice teamwork!

More team building.

tower 1

               tower 2             tower 3



A visit with the mayor!

Mayor Devine

Our first inquiry unit was called “Me on the Map.”  We learned so much about the city of West Allis!  The students created Google Documents and Storykits to share their learning about West Allis.  We also invited the mayor to visit.  He came to school and told us all about his job. 

Cozy Nook Farm
We also learned a lot about Wisconsin.  We had many discussions about the farming that takes place in Wisconsin.  Our field trip to Cozy Nook farm was a great extension of this learning. 

During our morning warm-up, a girl named Penelope got lost in one of the 50 states.  The students had to research the clues about the state to figure out which one it is and where it is located in the US. 

To help us learn the names of the 7 continents, we learned a song.  Have your child sing it to you.  After this unit, the students are expected to know their city, state, country, and continent.

Click below to watch our class sing the song!

7 Continents Song