YouUplift Virtual Kindness Wall

Hello Horace Mann Panthers & Families!

During this time that we are physically apart it is more important than ever to connect with one another and lift each other up! Showing kindness, encouragement and support not only helps others feel happier but ourselves too. To do this we are starting a YouUplift Virtual Kindness Wall at Horace Mann to uplift each other; students, families and staff!

How it works:

Students, families and staff will have the ability to submit an anonymous shout out, positive message, thank you, etc. This means families can give shout outs to staff or students, kids can give shout outs to each other, staff can give shout outs to families and kids, and we can post positive memes, messages and pictures to help us all connect during this time that we are apart. These messages will be sent for approval, once approved they will be posted on our Kindness Wall for all to see :) #MannPantherPride #wawmproud

Submission Guidelines:
  • What can you submit: Shout outs, thank you, congratulations to an individual, group, class or staff member.
  • Positive quotes, images, memes, or gifs.
  • Posts are anonymous, please do not include your name/who it is from.
  • When giving a shout out to a student use first name or first name last initial only. (No last names).
  • Positive, uplifting posts only! (All posts are submitted for approval before being posted)
Click here to submit something to the wall!

  • I want to thank Megan and Ashley for making me smile and laugh so hard at lunch today! I needed that!
  • Ben, great jokes during our Joke Telling Zoom!
  • Ms. R, you are the best teacher I ever had! Thank you for caring so much!
  • A huge shout-out to J.T. for leading the clean-up crew yesterday on the Field Trip!
Check out all the paw-sitivity on our Horace Mann Virtual Kindness Wall HERE